A note from editor-in-chief, Damian Wild

‘’At the Future of Manchester event the workshops were a new addition for EG. Feedback was excellent. They provided an informal but productive environment where delegates could delve deeper into topics with their peers, sharing ideas and comparing strategies with other delegates. The
short sessions created a wonderfully buzzing atmosphere and resulted in concrete ideas which could be put into practice.’’ 


Workshops at EG are an excellent way to harness the audience’s thoughts on a topic. We bring groups together to bring pragmatic thinking to discussions that have taken place on the conference stage. We then ensure this thinking is captured and distributed more widely.

On each of the key topics debated at our Future of Real Estate event – from sustainability and macros trends to mental health and inclusion – you will hear from an inspirational and informative keynote speaker, gain insight from our expert panels before breaking into group workshops that will draw on your expertise to share and learn.

With two facilitators per group, and an intimate gathering of delegates from different backgrounds, the discussion will be led by experts in the fields of each topic.

The facilitators will create an inclusive workshop environment where delegates, feel comfortable and empowered to share their thoughts and ideas.

After each of the workshop sessions, EG will host a podcast involving one facilitator from each group to report back on the key takeaways from the discussion. This podcast will then be made live for delegates to refer to post the conference.



This is a forum where we want you to help lead this industry. This is a forum where we want you to take away actions not just words. A forum where you will get to be part of something bigger.


You will come away with real, useable information that will enable you to take your business to the next level and share with your colleagues.


 ‘’I thought the breakout sessions were a big improvement on the normal sitting-and-listening default of most conferences’’ (Mat Oakley, director, commercial research, head office, Savills

‘’ I thought it was great. Really good effort to liven things up. Great content, well managed. Never a dull moment. All too rare in the things I go to. Damian and Sam clearly an excellent team too enabled by your production of it all. Very confidence inspiring. And really enjoyed the workshop & podcast element’’ (Lee Mallet, urbanist, Urbik Limited)

Post-workshop podcast

Listen here for the key takeaways from The Future of Manchester workshops.