Is there a future for co-working outside the M25?

COMMENT: Co-working is for London what Brexit is for news. It has been impossible to avoid since 2016, and it’s not going away any time soon. But if you’re a serviced office provider, it’s worth remembering there is a whole world outside the M25 – as there is a world outside of Brexit. It’s an oft forgotten world, but it’s out there. I’ve been, and it’s lovely.

How Assura became just what the doctor ordered

When Simon Laffin, Assura’s chairman announced his retirement in March, he left the company transformed. Once burdened with unsuccessful investments, unhappy shareholders and an inability to raise cash, Assura prospered as a primary care investor under Laffin’s six-year tenure. Its market cap rocketed from £200m to £1.4bn and it entered the FTSE 250 in December […]