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Stay ahead of the market with EG, the UK's number one magazine for the real estate week in context, from expert analysis and carefully curated real estate news to major market interviews and leading business insight.

EG is a premium publication that cuts through the noise to bring you the critical, business-relevant information that informs your commercial decisions while giving you direct access to the largest network in real estate.

Join the tens of thousands of property professionals and academics who rely on EG as their crucial market update and subscribe today.

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  • Our expert team of journalists and researchers provide the most comprehensive, authorative coverage and crucial market context in real estate
  • We cover every corner of the UK to ensure you have fast access to expert regional commentary and in depth analysis across every industry sector
  • Our exclusive digital content includes videos and podcasts of the last market moves and interviews with the major market players
  • EG promotes the critical conversation around the world, from chairing annual debates in Bristol and Belfast to driving cross-border investment in Abu Dhabi and New York.

“EG is the leading property magazine via which one is guaranteed to be up to date with deals, general news, research and legal matters that impact property.”

“It is the most comprehensive and authoritative voice for UK property. The comment and analysis is excellent and actually informative. That’s a difficult trick to pull off – lots of trade journals try and fail. EG succeeds.”

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