58VE, London | 1 March 2018

How to…hire a Chief Technology Officer.

Technology is changing our lives, how we live, how we work and how we run our businesses. Times are changing. Whereas once FD was the route to CEO, now that career progression comes from the CTO.

Join EG for a breakfast TECHTALK Live to find out exactly what a CTO is, why you need one and the journey your business will have to go on to hire one.

Featured names:

Alice Newton-Rex, Vice-president of Product, WorldRemit
Dr Rick Robinson, Associate Director, Digital Property and Cities, Arup
Lionel Hill, CDTO, EMEA, CBRE
Anton Ruddenklau, Partner & Head of Digital & Innovation, Financial Services, KPMG

Alex Price, Chief Executive, Palmer Capital
Darryll Colthrust, Head of Innovation, Palmer Capital


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