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Maximise the profitability of your valuation reports and get ahead of the competition with valuations360

  • Managing risks and costs
  • Getting ahead

Valuations360 combines ADA (automated document assembly) technology with the powerful, comprehensive data to save surveyors significant time managing and producing commercial property valuations.

  • Reduce the cost per valuation by cutting administration time and streamlining the valuation report writing process
  • Better manage risk and protect your reputation by implementing a consistent approach to valuations that follow industry best practice
  • Get ahead of the competition by producing high quality, consistent reports and centralising your valuations intelligence
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Powerful, centralised property data

Accelerate and improve the accuracy of your research by building your own secure, private database of verified comparables

  • Record comparable enquires for your audit trail and create your own secure, private database of deals data, alongside access to over 650,000 researched comparables
  • Seamlessly paste comparable evidence direct to your report and instantly clip webpages as evidence for your case file

Faster site inspection

Maximise time spent at site visits by uploading your notes, photos and floorplans to your reports on the move courtesy of valuations360 responsive interface

  • Upload photos and floorplans from your phone or tablet direct to your report and case file and store your site inspections records in one central location
  • Schedule your site inspection jobs and export the details straight to your personal calendar

Innovative document automation technology

Remove the awkward and repetitive parts of report writing and create documents that stand out from the crowd using automated document assembly technology.

  • Quickly add photos, build comparable tables and combine documents into a single appendix. Valuations360 auto-formats all evidence and entries to your existing brand template
  • Create step-by-step guidelines and pre-populated responses to ensure your team produce consistent reports and effortlessly restructure documents to meet your client’s requirements

Seamless online peer reviews

Adopt a consistent, streamlined approach to the review process and promote valuations best practice with clear audit trails

  • Manage the review process online by sending reports for peer review directly from valuations360. A record will automatically be produced for your audit trail
  • Leave review comments online so you can instantly track feedback. You can also export the report in just a couple of clicks so you can review offline

Instantly accessible case file library

Improve risk management by instantly generating case files online in one simple click for all of your valuations

  • Create a comprehensive, consistent and accessible archive of all valuations job details including evidence, enquiries, photos, documents and more

Total valuation work overview from one single interface

Immediately view at glance progress of all of your team’s valuations in real-time to better manage workloads and highlight potential issues

  • Create and allocate new jobs in a few clicks with an easy to use job management dashboard, view job progress and access a valuation from your location, whether you are on site, in the office or with a client

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