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Maximise the profitability of your valuation reports and get ahead of the competition with valuations360

  • Managing risks and costs
  • Getting ahead

Manage and produce commercial property valuations reports in one easy-to-use, online tool, saving surveyors significant time while delivering even more value to your clients. Designed exclusively for the needs of the modern valuations business, EG valuations360 will

  • Reduce the cost per valuation by cutting administration time and streamlining valuation report production
  • Improve risk management by implementing a consistent approach to valuations that follows industry best practice
  • Get ahead of the competition by bringing data and report management all into one location and centralising your valuations intelligence

Find out how EG valuations360 can maximise your valuations profitability today.

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  • Intelligent research: Accelerate and improve the accuracy of your research with EG’s powerful, multi-source comparable data
  • Big data: Build your own secure, private database of validated data to share valuations intelligence across your team
  • Smart reports: Speedily produce branded reports that stand out from the crowd
  • Site inspection: Effortlessly upload your notes, photos and floorplans directly from site to report
  • Online review: Seamlessly complete peer reviews for fast, easy-to-track feedback
  • Archiving: Compile comprehensive, consistent case files in a click-of-a-button for all your valuations

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