But not as you know them...


This year, we focus wholly on celebrating the individuals and businesses at the forefront of innovation.

Those who change the property industry and the built environment for the better.

Those who look forwards, not backwards.

Wider contribution to clients and other stakeholders, sustainable growth and positive change are all just as important as past financial performance and deal-making.

We reward the true leaders of progress. Those lighting up the real estate of tomorrow.

Alongside an evolved choice of categories, an electrifying new look and no more black tie.

The EG Awards 2019. Welcome to the Future of Real Estate Awards.

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Cassandra Wheeldon

Director of partnerships for UK & Ireland, WiredScore

Previously worked in commercial real estate data analytics

Named as one of the Leading Women Who Will Shape the Future of UK Real Estate

Tom Meager

Group director of property, Primark Storess

Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Part of the Lidl GmbH team in charge of introducing the German discount food store concept to the UK

Linda Chandler

Founder, Hyperlocal Cities
Founder, Hyperlocal Cities

Global smart cities advisor: real estate, energy and data sharing

Smart Cities Lead for Microsoft Services at Microsoft both in the UK and latterly in APAC

Faisal Butt

Founder/chief executive, Spire Ventures

Founder and chief executive of Spire Ventures

Founder/chairman of Pi Labs, Europe’s first proptech-focused venture capital fund

EG's Rising Stars 2019

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