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The agency market is working together to share more accurate, comprehensive and timely data.

Superior data, analytics and news that will help drive smarter real estate investments.

Radius Data Exchange provides superior market data, analytics and news that gives you more insight into your clients’ market.


Gain greater insight into the data with EG’s bespoke data services

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Let EG do the heavy-lifting for you. Our specialist team of national and regional intelligence experts go deeper into the data and plug in the gaps in your search, allowing you to keep your focus on satisfying client requirements and supporting contract pitches.

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  • Managing risks
    and costs
  • Getting ahead

A week in real estate can be a very long time, which is why EG are first on hand to provide the market context, specialist analysis and detailed legal reporting every single Saturday. EG places all of the latest real estate moves and developments under the microscope to provide you with actionable insight that keeps your business ahead of the curve.

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Parish council fails to block 200 homes in heart of Constable country

Case highlights the importance of localism in the planning system.

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Sainsbury's cash machines

Colliers blasts VOA over decision to challenge supermarket ATM ruling

Bid to overturn ruling is “a kick in the teeth for retail” and shows government is “out of touch”.

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Supreme Court backs tenant in ‘remarkable’ Cavendish Hotel case

Planned work must not be conditional on the tenant choosing to assert rights to the tenancy

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Kerry Glanville talks Cripps/Pemberton Greenish merger

Listen: Kerry Glanville, head of Cripps/Pemberton Greenish Chelsea office, talks about the merger

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