Landlord and tenant

Bairstow Eves (Securities) Ltd v Ripley

  • Court of Appeal
  • 6 October 1992
  • Parker, Scott, LJJ, Sir Michael Kerr
  • [1992] EGCS 83
Lease -- Purported exercise of option for further six years -- Tenant covenanting to redecorate in last year of term -- Covenant stated to be condition precedent for exercise of option to renew lease -- Breach of covenant -- Landlord contending validity of exercise of option -- Judge finding failure to redecorate "technical" matter only -- Whether tenant obligated to comply strictly with covenant -- Whether tenant's "substantial" compliance suffices -- Decision for tenant at first instance -- Landlord's appeal successful

The tenant, Bairstow Eves plc, sought the grant of a new lease of 56 Turners Hill, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, for

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