Contribution claim

Nationwide Building Society v Dunlop Haywards Ltd and another

  • Commercial Court
  • 18 February 2009
  • Christopher Clarke J
  • [2009] EWHC 254 (Comm)
  • [2009] PLSCS 64
Civil liability – Third-party proceedings – Contribution – Valuer fraudulently overstating value of security for loans – Claimant obtaining judgment in deceit – Solicitor accepting liability for negligence -- Solicitor claiming contribution from valuer – Whether valuer liable for “same damage” – Claim allowed

In 2005, CBS made two advances of £10.5m and £1m to G on security of commercial property that G was to purchase. The first defendant property had valued the property. One of its directors (M) fraudulently overstated the value of the security, claiming that it was worth £16m, assuming that the three favourable occupational leases into

Case summary