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London Residential Market Analysis Webinar – The rise of Build-to-rent

Download London Residential Research’s latest LOREMA (London Residential Market Analysis) report and get answers to these questions:

  • Construction starts have flat-lined for the past three years. Is this a London wide phenomenon or are we witnessing a shift in focus between the inner and outer boroughs?
  • Tall towers were a significant feature of the residential landscape in 2016 did they exert the same influence in 2017?
  • Could there be a change in the nature of the units being developed? Are we witnessing a paradigm shift away from the traditional build-to-sell model to a build-to-rent one?
  • In 2016 the average £per sq ft value across the capital crashed through the £1,000 per sq ft barrier for the first time. However, in 2017 £per sq ft slumped down below the £1,000 per sq ft. Was this a London wide phenomenon or were some markets more buoyant than others?
  • At the end of 2016 sales dropped by 26% compared to 2015. Did sales fare any better in 2017?
  • And what of the future? We look at the planning pipeline to identify where the future growth in the capital is likely to come from.
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Discover borough by borough what’s being built, what’s being sold and more importantly, what isn’t, and where future opportunities lie.

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London Residential Research 2018

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Paradigm shift?

It seems that no matter where you are in the capital, be it in the inner or outer boroughs, your impression of the built environment is undoubtedly going to be a positive one. This is a landscape that, last year, saw more units under construction, than we, in all the twenty years that we have been monitoring the market, have ever seen. Business is booming right? Right?

A look beneath the headline figures reveals a market that has not only flat-lined but also one that may be experiencing a fundamental shift away from not only the traditional residential construction hotspots but also the traditional build-to-sell model of doing things.

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