London Residential Summit

Will London’s property market bounce back?

London’s property market is in for another rough ride in 2018, with nothing shifting at the top-end. Home values in the capital are likely to fall another 2 percent in 2018, after a 1.8 percent decline in 2017. Stretched buyer affordability, tighter lending criteria and uncertainty over the future of PPP are all having an impact.

The Capital’s property market has stalled, with lower levels of transactions especially due to over-supply at the top end. Only one in five of the new homes forecast to be built on public land and sold off are likely to be classified as ‘affordable.’ New homes on formerly public land are dramatically behind schedule. At the current rate, the government’s target of building 160,000 homes by selling off public land will take until 2032 to achieve, 12 years later than promised.

The Mayoral Housing White Paper is set to join the decades of policy interventions that have failed to fix the housing crisis. A development model that has served for last 20 years, is now broken.
Companies are unable to recruit workers as they can’t afford housing in London. Necessary steps to fix our broken land economy, are not being taken.

If this trend continues or is exacerbated it will serve only to weaken London’s competitiveness. For business to continue to flourish in London, we require bold action now!

EG’s London Residential Summit returns in 2018 where leading developers, organisations and investors will be looking at these key challenges, and coming up with best possible responses to them. The summit will be held on the 8th May in Cavendish Conference Centre, London.
Centre, London.

Reasons to attend
• Stay current with trends and technologies
• Listen to thought leaders and industry innovators, who get together to discuss the latest insights for the real estate sector
• Professional networking with the decision makers, who are the movers and shakers of the business
• A great place to get a hands-on demonstration of what the future holds for the consumer and corporate markets
• Discover technologies that you may not have known about, successes of certain projects, and what’s ahead for the future of real       estate

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