Welcome to LREF 2019

The London Real Estate Forum delivers the largest gathering of key decision makers in the London property world. EG is delighted to once again be LREF's chosen programme partner as it moves to its new, exciting location at the HAC grounds in the heart of the City.

The theme of the 2019 London Real Estate Forum conference programme is 'People not Property'. This reflects a step-change across the Real Estate industry to take a people-first approach to how we plan, design, construct, and manage all aspects of our built environment. There is also a shifting focus on creating a more diverse and inclusive industry.



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Radius Data Exchange: the future of real estate data

Welcome to Radius Data Exchange, a data platform built and powered by EG, to help the UK’s commercial property experts deliver better advice to clients and ultimately do more deals.

The contributory data exchange, replaces EGi with a more powerful and more comprehensive service that will enable customers to analyse deal and availability data.

Watch the video to find out how the power of sharing data can benefit your business

EG brings you the news from London and LREF

LREF 2019: London is still king, but can it stay that way?

London remains a place where people want to live, work and play. But can we keep it that way?

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Ignore blockchain at your peril

COMMENT: Outside a small circle of proptech enthusiasts, blockchain is not known in the UK. But it’s a different story abroad

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Delegates let their hair down at LREF dinner

EG hosted a dinner for 120 senior figures at this year London Real Estate Forum.

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London needs to speed up digital connectivity

LREF: London is failing to keep up with other global cities such as Singapore and still sits outside the top 20 European cities in terms of digital connectivity, meaning its economy and property industry face being left behind.

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