Brand ‘can have more impact than real estate’

LREF 2017: A property company’s brand can bring more value to the power of a company than its real estate, according to branding guru Steve Edge.

In the same week that Land Securities rebranded as Landsec to reflect “experience”, Edge took the stage at LREF, for EG’s Speaker’s Corner, and preached to the property congregation about the impact that brand can have on a business.

“But whatever you do, don’t use ‘luxury’ and don’t use ‘unique’. It’s all bollocks, get rid of it,” he warned his audience.

Edge was speaking on the topic “Lateral Not Literal: The Power of the Brand”.

“When you’re looking at websites today, especially for your industry, you’re all saying the same thing with too much information. The key is to be inspirational not aspirational and to be lateral not literal.

“How many people might come to your site to see you and you’re throwing five balls at them and they’re not catching any of them because they’re thinking ‘who are you, what do you do, how do you do it?’. The power should be in just one ball, make them love it.”

Edge was involved in branding  PRS company Essential Living, and has also consulted for companies including Hamleys, Cartier and Marks & Spencer.


Photo credit: Joe Howard

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