HCA exceeds delivery targets

The Homes & Communities Agency has exceeded its delivery targets this year, reclaiming 450 acres of development land.

Preliminary year-end results for the HCA show that it exceeded its reclamation target of 395 acres by some 55 acres and its development target by almost 670,000 sq ft. The agency created more than 1.5m sq ft of employment floorspace, against its target of around 940,000 sq ft.

Chief executive Pat Ritchie said: “Despite the backdrop of continued economic uncertainty and a period of great change for the agency, I am pleased to report that we have nevertheless met or exceeded our delivery targets, as these figures show.

“We have utilised our enabling role to help communities achieve their housing ambitions, and significantly invested in the places that need it most. This has been achieved at the same time as launching our major new delivery programme, the £1.8bn Affordable Homes Programme, completing an organisational restructure and taking on new responsibilities – including the land and property assets from the RDAs under our new economic assets programme, and responsibility for the regulation of social housing providers. We also transferred our role in London to the GLA.”

She added: “The year to come will be nonetheless challenging as we continue to deliver on all these key areas of the agency’s business. Alongside the AHP we will be implementing the new regulatory framework, prioritising the accelerated delivery of land, and getting stalled sites moving again through Get Britain Building; all of which will be set against the government policy landscape, particularly around core cites, growth and localism.”

The HCA’s total programme investment for the year was within budget at £2.3bn.

The agency will report its full results in June.