Holyoake v Candy: the case in detail

PART 1: Combat by trial - the story so far

A timeline of the £100m claim


PART 2: Finding the truth in the lies

The wait for the decision

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PART 3: Threats or hard negotiation?

The Candys fight fire with fire

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PART 4: When friendship turns sour

The final week of the trial

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EG looks back at the trial of 2017

With judgment due in Mark Holyoake's claim against Christian and Nick Candy, EG looks back at the trial with Alan Read, professor of theatre at King's College.

LISTEN: Holyoake v Candy: The property trial of the century (so far)

Holyoake v Candy: Judge’s juicy judgment

Mr Justice Nugee has dismissed all of entrepreneur Mark Holyoake’s claims against Christian and Nick Candy in a highly complex 193-page judgment.

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Candy brothers win court battle against Mark Holyoake

UPDATE: Property tycoons Nick and Christian Candy today won their bitterly-fought legal battle with millionaire entrepreneur Mark Holyoake.

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Mark Holyoake

Holyoake v Candy – judgment day on Thursday

Mr Justice Nugee will hand down his decision in the much-publicised case on the last day of the legal term.

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EG’s most-read stories in 2017

EG’s round-up of the top real estate news from the year, as selected by our readers. We take a second look at the most popular EG articles from each month of 2017, from the biggest partnerships and takeovers, to high-stakes courtroom battles.

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Holyoake v Candy: when friendship turns sour

PART FOUR: In the final part of EG’s series on the explosive £132m court case between Mark Holyoake and Nick and Christian Candy, we detail the trial and look at how the Candy brothers amassed their fortune

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Holyoake v Candy: threats or hard negotiation?

PART THREE: The parties engage in a war of words during Mark Holyoake’s £132m claim against Nick and Christian Candy

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Holyoake v Candy: finding the truth in the lies

PART TWO: EG looks at the judgment facing Mr Justice Nugee following Mark Holyoake’s £132m claim against Nick and Christian Candy

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Combat by trial: Holyoake v Candy (the story so far)

PART ONE: As the wait continues for the judgment on one of the most explosive cases of the year, over the next four days EG will take a look at how the seven-month battle between the Candy brothers and Mark Holyoake has unfurled

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Holyoake v Candy: the case of the century (so far)

LISTEN: EG rounds up the case so far

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Holyoake versus Candys case draws to a close

Closing arguments in the explosive legal case between Mark Holyoake and Christian and Nick Candy were due to come to an end on 7 April with both sides seeking to discredit the other.

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Holyoake pushes for lie-detector test as Candy case continues

Mark Holyoake repeatedly challenged Christian Candy to take a lie-detector test during heated exchanges at the high court on Thursday.

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Holyoake accuses Candy brothers of coercion

Property developer Mark Holyoake was subjected to a “malicious campaign of threats, abuse, intimidation and coercion” at the hands of Nick and Christian Candy, lawyers for Holyoake have told the high court.

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