‘It’s never too late to fight for our precious heritage’

Phil Collins once penned a song called “It’s not too late”.  A wistful ditty if ever you heard one.  And I find it is a bit of a refrain right now.

I had a lot of response to my post of Monday, 17 July 2017, about the residents of north Liverpool fighting to save their Grade II listed buildings, so carefully conserved by the community, and their hard-won Kirkdale Community Gardens.

For those keeping an eye on this, the planning committee (to determine the application for the proposed tower that would wipe out this fragile resource) was then postponed from 18 July until tomorrow morning.

A cynic might point out that many of the residents in opposition will be at work at this time and, therefore, unable to attend but I couldn’t possibly comment. I hang on to the positive.

All I know is that there are still a few hours to voice opposition to this insensitive development.  One that would put paid to years of community endeavour.

It’s not too late.

And then only this morning, one of my team sent me this extraordinary animation about the conservation of Vittoria Wharf on Fish Island,  in the Olympics Park.  Please have a look as it is rather a special bit of film.

And I find myself wondering what on earth is going on! The issue of the need for affordable space for creative peeps in Hackney Wick came up the other night at the LSE with Sadiq Khan and he gave a most reassuring answer.

Everyone knows this activity is the lifeblood of this part of east London and that people are being priced out.

We lose these artists and small businesses at our peril. And I just cannot believe there is any strategic requirement to knock down Vittoria Wharf in order to put up another bridge when there is one just a minute away.

I don’t know when this goes to committee but here’s hoping that Hackney council and the mayor’s advisers will come together in a moment of common sense and put a halt to this madness.

The planning process needs to work for real people. In the meantime I quote Mr Collins (albeit out of context) and wish every success to all those campaigning to save our precious heritage. After all, the very that you won’t go away is your greatest strength…

“Somewhere out there lie his dreams
A story with no ending
And till he finds his answers
He won’t be going nowhere
For him, it’s not too late
It’s not too late”

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