LOREMA: Can PRS starts in London make up the social shortfall?

Commuted payments and the PRS sector have failed to make up the shortfall in social housing starts in London since 2011, according to EG’s London Residential Market Analysis (LOREMA) report.

Key stats

  • 36% - affordable starts compared to private from 2012-16
  • 44,000 shortfall in social starts compared to 74% average between 2004-11
  • £1,058,745,588 generated in S106 contributions 2012-16
  • 14,600: the average number of affordable homes that could be built from this
  • £3,193,117,500: the amount needed to build 44,000 homes
  • £2.1bn: the shortfall in S106 payments
  • 16,894: the shortfall in social