NEWS ROUND-UP: Are you being hacked by your kettle?

EG brings you a few highlights from yesterday’s news, in case you missed the daily round-up

TECH: The next big threat to cybersecurity

Switching on kettle

From smart kettles to cars, the new devices helping hackers get their hands on your data may not be the ones you expect. So how can firms protect themselves against a tide of new threats?

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OFFICES: South East office demand eases in Brexit slowdown

Uncertainty surrounding Brexit is affecting the South East office market, with activity tailing off.

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LISTEN: Future of Real Estate – Retail crisis and action on diversity

The Future of Real Estate podcasts look at the events, the people and the issues that are changing real estate. In this first episode, Damian Wild is joined by Revo president Mark Robinson. Should there be relief or recriminations after this week’s retail trading updates? And is the industry finally making progress on diversity?