NEWS ROUND-UP: Department stores think it’s all over… it is now

EG brings you a few highlights from yesterday’s news, in case you missed the daily round-up

RETAIL: All over for department stores scoring own goals

The World Cup is almost here! For most, the excitement and expectation will erode into anger and, finally, acceptance that behind the hope and blind faith, failure was always coming. Such emotions are being strongly felt in the retail market too – no more so than with the implosion of House of Fraser.

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DEVELOPMENT: The Bow Creek gold rush

EG’s first documentary takes a look at a little-known area of east London with a lot of potential.

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AUCTIONS: Meet the administrators who recover investors’ funds

Duncan Swift is among the many professionals tasked with unravelling the scandal surrounding a series of abandoned development sites in Northern Powerhouse cities.

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DATA: Flexible office space on the verge of going mainstream

The surge in popularity of serviced office providers such as WeWork and The Office Group is now forcing landlords to rethink their offering in order to attract and retain tenants on the best possible rents.

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