Outdated office stock ‘lets Croydon down’


Almost one-third of Croydon’s office stock is redundant and ripe for redevelopment, according to Croydon council chief executive Jon Rouse.


Speaking at the Develop Croydon 2011 conference today, Rouse said that between 20% and one-third of the town’s stock either needs to be refurbished or taken down and turned into other uses.


He said the London borough was bucking the general economic trend but was let down by its outdated office stock and poor public realm.


Extensive work has been ongoing to produce a delivery plan to coordinate public realm projects and transport improvements.


“Most of our planning is done. It has to be all about delivery now,” he said.


Rouse announced university status for Croydon college as part of these delivery plans. Students at Croydon college will now get a degree from Sussex University, and the status will help promote the image and the investment potential in the town.