Regional reaction to Theresa May’s snap election

EG visited Birmingham to get regional reaction to Theresa May’s surprise decision on Tuesday to call a snap General Election on June 8th.

Steve Benson, investment director, at Savills said that he believed she had “no choice” to call one.

“People are worried that there have been a lot of elections over the last 18 months, but really the timing of it is quite quick, it’s probably not the time for the property market to react in a negative way. I think it is being seen as positive and that we will go into the Brexit negotiations with a stronger remit. Although uncertainty is never a good thing in the property market.”

The prime minister, who had previously said she did not foresee a general election until 2020, said she had only “recently and reluctantly” come to the decision to call an election. She will run for leadership on behalf of the Conservative Party.