RISING STAR WINNERS: William Newton and Tom Redmayne

Tom-Redmayne-and-William-NewtonWired Score has been named as EG‘s Rising Star of 2016.

We caught up with the duo running WiredScore in the UK to find out why “digital connectivity is not going away”.

When it comes to making real estate investment decisions, knowing how connected a certain building is – or is not – has never been more crucial. 

William Newton and Tom Redmayne are here to help. These two 20-something entrepreneurs have been charged with expanding the UK arm of WiredScore, a multi-million-pound US initiative launched by Mayor Bloomberg in New York in 2013.

Now it is up and running, the WiredScore concept seems so simple. So obvious. Especially in a city where the need for high-speed connections is constantly debated: “There is a huge pipeline of development coming through in London,” says Redmayne, “and an appetite to understand what needs to be done to create a better connected city. That really links into the ambition of the Greater London Authority to create a city that is more attractive to tenants.”

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