Rockwell reveals Charlton resi plan


There could be 1,000 new homes built across a 6.8-acre site in the heart of the Charlton Riverside Opportunity Area.

London-based developer Rockwell recently launched a public consultation on its proposals for a new residential district in the Royal Borough of Greenwich that will also include a park, shops, cafes, community facilities, workspace and improvements to Charlton train station.

If it goes ahead it will become the first major residential development in the area, which could in turn attract other developers.

Charlton Riverside1

A spokesman for Rockwell said: “Charlton Riverside is a strategically important site and one of the few remaining development opportunities of this size still to be developed in south east London.

“Excellent transport links and the sites proximity to Canary Wharf will appeal to homebuyers and we believe there is significant potential for Charlton Riverside to contribute towards the Mayor’s annual target for 50,000 new homes.”

If done properly, this vast stretch of river frontage stretching from the southern end of the Greenwich Peninsula, all the way along to Woolwich, has great potential for redevelopment.

Like most of today’s light-industrial landscape, the efficiency of land use leaves much to be desired. Saying that, industrial uses add to the employment mix of local people and are still important.

However, as this previous Greenwich Riverside Masterplan indicates (below), there is much scope for residential uses to be added to the Opportunity Area, which at the moment is entirely industrial and retail.

Charlton Riverside3

The likes of Barratt (Waterside Park), Ballymore and Oxley (Royal Wharf) and more recently Galliard (Peruvian Wharf), and not forgetting the huge Silvertown Quays project north of the river, have shown the potential of these long-time industrial sites.

Rockwell has stated its intension is to submit a planning application before the end of the year and is working with architects SimpsonHaugh and Partners. As the image below shows, Rockwell also has much bigger plans for the area, with the site in yellow currently in the process of trying to be amalgamated in to single ownership.

Charlton Riverside4