Sir Jeremy Sullivan talks to Estates Gazette

Law-books-REX-THUMB.jpegWATCH: Widely regarded as the most influential planning judge of recent decades, Sir Jeremy Sullivan is retiring from the Court of Appeal this summer. Looking forward rather than back, Sir Jeremy speaks to Estates Gazette about the challenges faced by the courts and the planning system in a fast-changing world.

The retiring Lord Justice offers his thoughts on the success of the Planning Court, the difficulties presented by the National Planning Policy Framework, and the likely battlegrounds in the field over the next few years – from the well-documented demand for further housing provision to the need for major infrastructure, including a matter very close to his heart, the railways.

In addition, he expresses his views on the need to modernise our courts – which he describes as still operating a “late 19th or early 20th century system” – to properly embrace the IT revolution, as well as the “gleam in his eye” of establishing a planning and environmental tribunal.

See Estates Gazette for more from Sir Jeremy on his career on the bench, changes in the legal profession since he was in practice and his plans to spend more time on his very own light railway.

A profile of Sir Jeremy forms part of a wider planning special in the Practice & Law section, with other articles focusing on the impact of the Planning Court and the political outlook under the new government.

Click below for an audio interview with Sir Jeremy.