TechTalk Radio: Turning the tables and supporting start-ups

Welcome back to the first episode of 2018’s series of TeachTalk Radio podcasts. A new year and a new jingle. What more could you want? Apart from the first in series of must-listen interviews.

This week co-hosts Emily Wright and Samantha McClary sit down with Metaprop’s Aaron Block and Zak Schwarzman to talk about world domination and gender equality (Who runs the world?) and speak with Michael Molloy about his new proptech start-up Dashflow.


A new proptech app that uses artificial intelligence hopes to replace spreadsheet modelling with a mobile app to shake up real estate investment appraisals.

Dashflow for CRE, which was launched today, will deliver appraisals by responding instantly to changed cashflow parameters of any given property investment scenario.

Developer Michael Molloy said: “The app can do in minutes – even seconds – what can take hours or even days to do with existing platforms.

“With Dashflow, as soon as you have information on a prospective deal, you can quickly and easily import property data and create appraisals tailored to your investment criteria.

“The dashboard puts investment modelling within reach of anyone in the industry, and the cashflow function enables you to instantly see the effects of investment options on internal rates of return and other profitability measures.”

The app runs on iPhones and iPads, enabling the user to work anywhere at any time and allows them to share appraisals with colleagues and generate clear and dynamic presentations.

The office investment version of the app has now been released in the UK and is already being used by clients including M&G Real Estate, Delancey and Colliers International.

Individual annual licences cost £125 per month.

A video demonstration of the app and the opportunity to organise a free trial can be found at

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