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REWIRE is part of EG’s mission to help rewire the real estate industry to create a more diverse sector that enables everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, background, sexuality, disability or age, access to a career in the built environment.

Initially launched as a club for women of all levels and all disciplines across the real estate sector to engage with one another, to find and be mentors/role models, learn new skills, build confidence and most importantly, pay it forward, REWIRE is evolving to provide a platform on all diversity issues.

REWIRE is about recognising and empowering the under-represented in real estate so that the next generation entering the profession do not need special clubs. Our goal is for REWIRE to become redundant.

Countess of Wessex launches REWIRE

Flashback to 2015: the launch of Rewire

What's happening in the REWIRE community

PedElle 2018: The power of real estate’s women on bicycles

From cycling to making contacts, Copenhagen to raising money for charity... welcome to this year's Pedelle 2018 challenge.

Creating a safe environment for women in the built environment to get a taste for cycling, build confidence and complete a challenge is now in its sixth edition - with 40+ women taking part, raising £60,000 for Coram this year alone.

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Pedelle 2018

COMING SOON: Not Just Another Property Event

The Diversity Battle - join EG as it interrogates what diversity looks like for the real estate industry - 13 September 2018

This is a much-needed cultural shift that’s happening across every industry, but where are these conversations taking us? Some great strides have been made, but there’s so much more that can be challenged.

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#Me Too Rally, Place de la Republique, Paris, France - 29 Oct 2017

Samantha McClary: My #MeToo confession

I’m here to say “me too” to being successful, to being unafraid to step up on stage and use my voice (well, empowered enough to do so), to believing, no, not believing, knowing, that I have many opportunities and rights. Read more...

Panel discussions are boring - how to fix them

Everyone knows that the best time to catch up on your e-mails at a conference is during the panel discussions, writes Andrea Carpenter, director of Women Talk Real Estate. So why are we getting them so wrong? 
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Gender pay gap

Five ways to close the gender pay gap

It would be easy to talk about what an unbalanced, outdated, male, pale and stale industry real estate is but this isn’t about easy. This is about the difficult task ahead. This is about how you solve a problem like the gender pay gap. Read more...

Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragettes © Rex Shutterstock

100 years of women's suffrage

February 1918 was a busy news month for EG. What is not mentioned, at any point in the issues of the magazine in the run-up to or beyond the date of 6 February, is the fact that this was the day 100 years ago that some women got the right to vote.

Sherin Aminossehe

Celebrating women in real estate

EG and REWIRE, our initiative to help encourage and elevate women in real estate, celebrates some its own brilliant women from across the built environment all week. We bring you 10 of our favourite interviews. Read more...


How are firms addressing the gender pay gap?

Agents, landlords, developers and housebuilders have all recognised their shortcomings when it comes to balanced workforces. Here, some of the main firms outline their commitments to improving the balance and closing the gender pay gap.

The latest news from the REWIRE community

Five key tools for achieving gender equality

Real Estate Women has set out a white paper listing five recommendations for achieving gender equality in the UK property industry

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Pride 2018 Topshop

What is the property industry doing for Pride?

As London prepares for it 46th Pride parade this weekend, what is the property sector doing to celebrate?

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Pride 2018 flag

Top UK REITs consider introducing trans-inclusion policies for the first time 

Pride 2018: Land Securities, British Land and Shaftesbury are all actively looking at bringing in new guidelines

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Pride 2018: How LGBT allies in property can make a difference 

Property can overhaul its stale image by engaging “allies” to support minorities such as LGBT staff, according to diversity heads and LGBT property professionals

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