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REWIRE is part of EG’s mission to help rewire the real estate industry to create a more diverse sector that enables everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, background, sexuality, disability or age, access to a career in the built environment.

Initially launched as a club for women of all levels and all disciplines across the real estate sector to engage with one another, to find and be mentors/role models, learn new skills, build confidence and most importantly, pay it forward, REWIRE is evolving to provide a platform on all diversity issues.

REWIRE is about recognising and empowering the under-represented in real estate so that the next generation entering the profession do not need special clubs. Our goal is for REWIRE to become redundant.

Flashback to 2015: the launch of Rewire

The latest news from the REWIRE community

Discovering real estate’s future female leaders

LISTEN Sarah Lloyd-Hughes discusses an epic new programme to nurture future female industry leaders.

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Twentieth-century trans: How to help people be their true self

LISTEN: Antonia Belcher transitioned years ago, with a positive outcome.

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REWIRE meets: Avison Young CFO Christine Battist

Editor Samantha McClary meets Christine Battist, chief financial officer of Avison Young

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The role of real estate in developing diversity into place

LISTEN: In this episode of the REWIRE podcast we talk to James Mitchell from Axiom Architects.

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