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To help you maximise the value from your investment as an EGi licence holder, we offer a free training facility to all EGi users to ensure you use the site to its fullest potential. Our training solutions are tailored to the individuals needs so you can utilise our market intelligence and data services to gain competitive advantage in your sector.


On this page you will find:


Arrange a training session


We can offer tailored training using Windows Live (desk top sharing), over the phone or a more in depth face to face session. To arrange a training session:


Earn CPD hours



Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a commitment by RICS members to the continual updating of knowledge and skills throughout their career.

The RICS actively encourage their members to enter into a CPD program via their own Personal Development Planner. EGi is pleased to support the CPD program and we have been certified to award CPD hours on subscribers' completion of EGi training sessions.


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The FAQ's are divided into the following sections:

  1. News/data search help
  2. Email alerts
  3. Registration
  4. Exporting results data
  5. Limited access
  6. Site errors
  7. Estates Gazette Magazine subscription

1. News/data search help

Where can I search for archived News?
Go to "News", click on “Advanced search” and use the check boxes to select your area of interest.

How can I set up a Saved Search?
You can set up personalised saved searches on News, Deals, Planning & Legal. Enter your chosen search criteria and click “search”. On the results page click “Save e-mail Alert”, name the search in the pop-up window and you will be sent your alerts in daily e-mails with links to matching data. You can manage your Saved Searches through MyEGi. You can set up as many alerts as you wish.

How do I search for property ads?
There are c.62,000 properties on Availability (these are all sourced through our sister website, EGPropertyLink)


2. Email alerts

Why have I stopped receiving my AM & PM news alerts?
Check any recent changes made to your security settings, spam filters and e-mail address. If there have been no recent changes please call 0845 3015544 and we will look into the problem.

I have tried to unsubscribe to your e-mails but I’m still receiving them.
Call 0845 3015544 or e-mail: and we’ll be happy to look in to it for you.

How can I update my preferences?
Go to MyEGi and you can select newsletters, control your settings & manage your preferences.


3. Registration

I haven’t received my password although I’ve entered my e-mail address on the log-in page and clicked “forgotten password”
Ensure the e-mail address is the same as the one registered on your EGi account & type carefully. If you still experience problems please call 0845 3015544

I would like to register for access to EGi
If your company has open access to EGi call 0845 3015544 or e-mail: and we will organise your personal log-in details. If you are trialling the service & would like to subscribe call the sales team on 0845 3088811


4. Exporting results data

Can I export data into Excel?
Yes. You can export data into an Excel spreadsheet on Deals, Occupiers, Rating List, Leases, London Offices (Availability), London Residential, Planning & Retail Requirements. Enter your chosen search criteria & click “Search”. On the results page click on the “Report Options” arrow & select your option, then click on “Run Report” and the results will appear in your chosen format. This cannot be supported by versions of Excel before 2003.

What about specific data, can this be provided if I don’t subscribe to EGi?
Yes. However, this is on a request only basis and prices will vary.

I’m having problems exporting my results into Excel.
Certain browsers are incompatible with downloading reports on EGi – you should only use Internet Explorer. Also, the data cannot be exported properly if you are using a version of Excel older than 2003.


5. Limited access

Why are some areas of the navigation bar “greyed out”?
The greyed out areas indicate the parts of the site to which you don’t have access as part of your company’s subscription.

Am I allowed temporary access to the parts of the site to which I don’t have access to retrieve specific articles?
No, EGi is available on a 12 month access basis only. However, on request we can provide a service whereby specifically requested news articles, law reports and case summaries can be made available at £20 + vat per article.


6. Site errors

Why am I frequently being “logged out” of the site?/Something is missing from the page.
This is likely to be a problem with the cookies on your PC which need to be cleared – call 0845 3015544 and we’ll talk you through it. Also check your security settings and ensure they are set to no higher than “medium”. You should only be using Internet Explorer to access EGi.

I have conducted a search and received a “general site error.”
Make a note of the site error number, call 0845 3015544 and we’ll let you know when the problem has been fixed.


7. Estates Gazette magazine

I’m having problems with my Estates Gazette subscription, what number should I call?
01444 445335

What’s the number for Estates Gazette customer accounts department?
01342 335886

How do I contact Property Jobs?
Simon Wingate 020 8652 8302

Can you give me the number for your Head Office?
You are able to be connected to your required department by calling the switchboard on 020 8652 350

What’s the number for EG editorial?
Sharon Harnett 020 7911 180

Can I speak to Estates Gazette advertising?
Robert Noble 020 7911 1991


Not found the answer?

If you have a specific query please contact

If you would prefer to arrange a training session please complete our training request form


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Tip sheets


Please click on the following links to download the relevant tip sheet.


If you have a specific query please contact

If you would prefer to arrange a training session please complete our training request form


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